Attendance System

Time and attendance system is a product that is used to keep track the employees clocking event during working hours such as first and last clocking of the day and breaks, its also combined with employees expenses , salary ,leave and permission calculations based on the company norms. It has a project monitoring as well a project tracking module .This application mainly used for reporting purpose it has such different kinds of products weekly and daily types. And it has a biometric type processor also.

If any company used time card in their time keeping, when the system implemented, the employees will use biometrics (finger scanner) for their timekeeping to have an easy way of timekeeping and calculating their time of work.

  • Attendance System significantly reduces time and attendance costs
  • Collects on-line information about an employee’s presence in the office.
  • Supports easy schedule creation and physical access rules.
  • Generates various reports based on a variety of criteria.
  • Allows you discrete control of employee access to secured, highly restricted areas and checkpoints.
  • Automation of time-keeping routines and management of absences.
  • Makes it easy to keep track of all employee movements across all company offices from a central server.