Expense Management (Micro ERP)

It is web based Micro type ERP. With this software your offices / factories at different locations can do the data entry based on the location based work at the same time. The website allows your users to view and manage data simultaneously through internet.

This Micro ERP system has functionality like Sales Order Management, purchase management, Inventory management, loan management, employee’s expense management, Advance request and payment management, financial management functionalities in this micro ERP system.

This V-Infotek Micro ERP will work in windows and web user interface. This system is flexible, customizable and configurable by design, enabling organizations to implement the system to meet their unique business process requirements.

V-InfoTek Micro ERP has many Modules like Security, Purchase, Sales, Advance, Expenses, Loan management, Inventory management, Reports, Alert etc.

  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases cost recovery
  • Streamlines billing
  • Improves the accuracy of expense entries
  • Reduces data entry time and errors
  • Project wise expense analysis
V-InfoTek Micro ERP - Key Features
  • Integrated with Inventory Management , advance & Expense management, purchase and sales management, Loan management etc.
  • It offers Sales Order, sales payment details, Material Request, Material issue, Purchase request, Purchase order
  • Delivery Chelan, Invoice, Debit note, Credit note, Outward DC, Inward DC, Purchase payment planning, Payment approval, Purchase payment, Bill passing,
  • Bill passing, Advance request, advance approval, advance payment, Expense details, expense approval,
  • Loan details, loan received, loan repayment planning, loan payment approval, stock adjustment,
  • Alert for regular activities, security like each user has roles based permissions to access the modules and reports.
  • Project wise expense tracking
  • Allows approver to review, reject, modify, and then approve the entries
  • Alert for pending actvities, Accounts payable for current month and next month for planning etc
  • Budget planning
  • Reports selection with all possible filterings
  • Customizable role based security