Payroll Management System

This is a Window Based Application. It is used to calculate employee salary based on work hour, Overtime, Family Allowance, Bonus. It also includes calculating taxes. This application mainly used for Salary Calculation it has such different kinds of products monthly and weekly types. And it has a biometric type processor also.

Payroll Management System can be very simple, involving the payment of just a handful of employees, or very complicated, involving payroll for thousands of employees and contractors. In some, very small companies, payroll may be handled by the owner of the company or an employee. However, other companies may have many employees to pay and keep track of necessitating a well planned, efficient payroll Management system.

  • Develop a system that will improve the company’s process in the Timekeeping and Payroll.
  • Develop a system that will monitor employee’s data that is efficient to use.
  • Use biometrics tool (Fingerprint scanner) that will provide an easy log-in andlog-out of the employees and staff.
  • Secure the records of employees and to have more manageable files.
  • Calculate payroll transaction easily.
  • Summarize all the Deducted Contribution of Employees.