WorkOrder Tracking

Work Order Tracking system is used to improve customer satisfaction, reduce direct service costs, stops endless phone calls with customer, automatic notification to the customers based on the status update, avoid missing paper work. It results with increase customer satisfaction, increase stake holder and resource value.

It is suite for small manufacturing companies to satisfy the clients using this work order tracking application. It is very usefull for the client to view the status daily basis and also to track from purchase order to delivery day by day activities.

  • Improves workflow between production , corporate office and customers
  • Very useful to track from an order of a product up to deliver by the respective customer
  • Maintain customer satisfaction with automated email alerts when customer requests are approved, rejected and completed.
  • Customers are notified whenever work status are updated
  • Customer can view the status in the application with special link with password
Key Features
  • Customer Configuration and send link to them
  • Customer can send feedback through the application
  • Assign work orders to production department
  • Production department can update the status regularly
  • Able to update delivery date changes and delivery details
  • Automatic email notification to the customer to check the status
  • Customer can view the status by daily basis and track delivery date and delivery details